Xtreme Auto Repair & Sales of NEA LLC

Hot Rod Shop


If you are a classic car owner looking for hot rod restoration in Jonesboro, AR, Xtreme Auto Repair & Sales of NEA is the best choice for the job. Our automotive workshop combines highly efficient workflow methods with the most sophisticated tools on the market to provide vintage car repair services that you can rely on. As experts in auto repair and service, we guarantee satisfaction for every project we take on.

Our automotive body team can address any issue you may have with your hot rod’s chassis, frame, or shape. We can source even the most difficult-to-find pieces and fabricate those that cannot be found. We even have a team that we can send cars out to for interior work, making us a complete solution for owners of vintage cars and hot rods.

Our specialized auto repair solutions give us the ability to provide comprehensive service for parts replacement and installation for our customers that other auto shops cannot handle. One example is custom painting: Our paint specialists have years of experience working on collision repair, allowing us to provide better results than an auto paint artist who works exclusively on relatively rare vintage car modification projects.

Since we source, fabricate, install, and customize parts for our clients, we provide the most complete solutions for automotive repair and restoration. To make the deal we offer even more attractive, we frequently make our services available for lower prices than any competing auto shop in the region. Hire us to have your automotive restoration and customization needs met today!

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